Nu bär det av till Indien i detta projekt.känns väldigt spännande.

Art beyond boundaries WORKSHOPS


Uttarayan Art Foundation

Art Beyond Boundaries” is an attempt to promote art, friendship and understanding between people of diversified culture. TellusArt works on different expressions, cultures, traditions and arts from the globe and put them together in one space, we feel that Art does not understand any limitations and boundaries. It has no rules and regulations, which belong to the Society. Everything is fair and full of expression; it just needs an exploration from the user’s thought.

After a review of artists & their art works, we can overview the range and variety of many art forms in the current global art atmosphere. It will be an amalgamation of all thoughts, arts and creativities from established and upcoming artists together in one space.


Through our project TellusArt will provide a platform to talented and outstanding artists from various countries, to gather & paint their thoughts at one place during workshops centered on the theme, as art is the best medium of expression. Renowned artists from different countries will highlight their art & cultural background through their Art & interaction.


Uttarayan Art Foundation is on the banks of the Mohi River near Baroda City in India, based businessman Rakesh